Accutane Class Action Lawsuit

Accutane Class Action LawsuitWhile Accutane has been shown effective in the treatment of acne, its potential to cause irreversible damage has led the FDA to not only recall the drug, but place it in a list of the five most dangerous medications because of its numerous side effects. There is currently Accutane class action lawsuit but many Accutane patients have filed and won individual claims, and former Accutane patients still have legal options available.

One of the ways groups of former Accutane patients can protect their legal rights is by filing anAccutane class action lawsuit against Accutane’s manufacturers. These class action lawsuits may be brought in the US federal court, if the claim is under federal law. If plaintiff classes include representatives from different states or even countries, it is possible to initiate multidistrict or even international litigations. If you are interested in  anAccutane class action in Canada, for example, you are recommended to contact  an Accutane class action attorney with experience in large scale litigations.

Keep in mind that if you are going to retain an Accutane attorney, you’ll have to provide him/her with a detailed medical history and supporting evidence to file a class action claim.

Accutane Class Action 2010

This year, it is possible that people suffering Accutane side effects like Irritable Bowel Syndrome may file a class action lawsuit. If you developed gastrointestinal problems after taking Accutane, you be interested in joining an Accutane class action IBS. Taking into consideration that this disease currently has no cure and you will probably experience its consequences for years, the chance of success in your  Accutane class action IBS case is  potentially good.

Accutane Class Action Lawsuit

Crohn’s disease is also reported to be linked to taking Accutane and may have quite serious consequences, including even colon removal. So, if you suspect that your Crohn’s disease is  connected to taking Accutane acne treatment, you are urged to contact an attorney to discuss joining a possible future Accutane class action lawsuit.